Life’s full of calamities
But God turns them into opportunities
So why do we put ourselves down?
And make our name with failure renown?
Why do we give up the fight?
When God is right there by our side?

You see, it’s easy to say “God forgive me”
But can you forgive yourself?
Or are you like the others, struggling as well?
God forgives….freely I must say.
Through Jesus, His Son, the ONLY way.
But can you forgive yourself?
Let go of past hurts, pain that’s indwelt?
Why? Why must you let the pain go on?
Long after God’s forgotten what you’ve done?
You see He doesn’t just forgive…he forgets.
Yet you can’t forget…can you?
You continue to beat yourself up….don’t you?

In Isaiah He says He blots out your sins
Hey, to me that sounds like a win!
But He goes further to say He remembers them no more.
For His Grace, His Love: a wide Open door.

So stop the self-condemnation
Stop the pain and aggravation.
Stop demeaning your condition
And rise up with determination.

I mean it. This madness should end.
It’s time, time for change yet again.
Go, go where you were sent.
Be strong, Be bold.
Let your story unfold.

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