Set apart

Heal what needs to be healed
Fix what needs to be fixed
Break what needs to be broken
Lord move as Your Word is Spoken!

Renew what needs to be renewed
Revive what needs to be revived
Redeem what needs to be redeemed
For by your Stripes we ARE healed!

Lord, God Almighty…set ME APART!
For I do not want to worship You in part
It’s either all or nothing, Lord
That’s what you ASK
And I’m here to say: I’m up for the task!

So set me apart, Let Your Kingdom come!
Bring forth Revival, through Christ, the Son.

Set me apart, God Almighty
For it’s in Your Army, that I’m fighting!

Set me apart, for I choose You!
I love you Jesus….through and through.
Yet my love seems meaningless when I see
The incredibly deep LOVE, that You have for me.

For You love me though it all
Even if I fall.
In fact you love me so much
That you pick me back up!

So set me apart, a servant in Your Kingdom.
Move in Power. Jesus: You’re the reason!

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