Adventures of A Missions Kid

Sometimes I feel alone….broken
Reflecting on past hurts….words spoken.
Sometimes I feel alone…broken.
Bad memories…..they said they were only joking!

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It’s Time

You think you’re perfect, amazing and true
But in reality you know that’s not the real you.
You put on a mask for all to see
While in your mind you say “This is not me!” Continue reading


Misinterpretation: a strange sensation.
It can leave people feeling broken and hurt
People who you love…face pain undeserved.

Misinterpretation: a calamity of a condition
It causes chasms to widen. Gulfs to increase.
With each passing moment… more hurt is unleashed

Misinterpretation: an unintentional decision
Causes worry and heart ache… with painful precision!
Misinterpretation. Hey it’s not fun.
Be careful what you say. Control your tongue.


We sing Blaze Spirit Blaze
But think of Him as a distant misty haze
We say: Set our hearts on fire
And yet cling on to our sinful desires
We sing Flow River Flow
But when God says Go…we say NO!
We say: Flood this nation with Grace and Mercy
But in reality we’re dry and thirsty